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Growing Centers of Excellence™

Your Vision Becomes Reality.

The J. Dawes Group guides success through discovering and defining each physician and practice's unique vision of success and relentlessly executing the objectives necessary to achieve that vision.

The landscape of the business of medicine has evolved.  Today, patients desire to see, look, feel and perform their best throughout every chapter of their lives.  The J. Dawes Group's singular focus is the business of delivering exceptional "Lifestyle Medicine" uniquely designed to enhance your patient's quality of life through improved vision, healthier skin, and enhanced personal confidence inspired by a more youthful appearance.  Our focus is on the specialties of Ophthalmology, Optometry, Cosmetics, Dermatology and Skin Care.  The J. Dawes Group and our partners can not only help you navigate the pathway toward your perfect practice, but provide experience-based practical and effective solutions to overcome any obstacles along the way.

Let the J.Dawes Group, through our unique experience in retail, hospitality, performance and lifestyle medicine, help you define your vision and implement the key initiatives that will turn that vision into reality.


We Work With You and Your Team to Identify, Prioritize and Execute Solutions

The J. Dawes Group helps physicians and managers by listening to each unique situation and developing customized solutions which become part of a foundation of decision making leading to goal fufillment and financial success.